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Most Popular Bracelets for Teenage Girls in 2022

Are you looking for the most popular bracelet for teenage girls? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to recommend some of the best bracelets for teens.

Bracelets are the perfect jewelry gift for any tween girl. Whether you are looking for a bracelet for yourself or a birthday gift or graduation gift, this best selling teen bracelets will enhance the natural beauty of a teenage girl.

You can also gift these bracelets to your loved ones as a valentine’s day gift, Christmas gift, Thanksgiving gift, and many other such special occasions!!

The list contains varieties of cute bracelets so you can choose the one you like most based on your fashion style and skin tone. So this list of top trending bracelets that any teen girl is sure to cherish and wear for years to come.

The design of each bracelet is unique, well-crafted, and comes with a high-quality. So without any further ado, go ahead and check out the designs of the popular teen bracelets.

Xocartige Bracelets for Teenage Girls

Layered Bracelet

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Here’s a beautiful bracelet with a multi-layered selection that provides you with a stroke of bohemian appeal with it’s six unique-styled bangles.

It has a silver bangle-cuff bracelet with station bracelets that looks charming. Then you have seed beaded with a chain that goes perfectly with its bar pendant. 

To tweak it up, there’s a handmade rope to bring a sense of artistry that holds a hollow heart pendant. The Singapore chain and delicate linked bracelet with coin settles nicely with your personality.

That’s not all! You can wear it with an assortment of other bracelets, bangles, or jewelry!

Thus, you gain something that complements any outfit you wear, regardless of the season! 

The brilliance of these teenage bracelets is sure to shimmer and catch the eyes as you make a stride wherever you are.

VSCO Friendship Bead Woven Bracelet for Tweens

Wave Rope Bracelets

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Fashion trends are consistently shifting in today’s world that is socially active! Do you seek to be a fashionable dive without stepping out of the comfort zone?Bracelet is going to make it a fun endeavor for you!

It is a handmade woven bracelet with wax cords and plastic beads, making it so comfortable to wear.They are stretchy and adjustable with adorable wave strands and have good durability. 

Because of its simplistic yet gorgeous features, you can give it to anyone for trying without giving it a second thought.

These Braided Bracelets come in vibrant colors, which is a big plus, as you can wear them with colorful dresses without worrying about matching them with the outfit. 

Regardless of your age, these bracelets bring out the diva in you and add a lot of vibrant charm to your beauty.

Pura Waterproof and Handmade Adjustable Bracelets

Jewelry Bracelets

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Not a fan of heavy jewelry? Then the Pura Vida jewelry Bracelet is just for you!

It is a wax-coated waterproof bracelet that will last long with impeccable brilliance.

You have an excellent choice for an outing, which includes swimming because of its glimmering water-resistant threads. 

It is a beautiful charm bracelet for teenage girlswith an iron-coated copper charm in the signature P (For Pura) attached. Thus, bringing you good luck everywhere you go.

The bracelet is feminine in an appeal that adds to its beauty. If you like to have a subtle touch of accessories, this Pura Vida Jewellery Bracelet will surely come in handy.

Whether you’re a teenage girl or an adult, this bracelet is one such ornament that can be worn by any age group, all thanks to its versatility!

Tree Leather Bracelets for Teens

Tree of Life

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A teenage bracelet that suits any festive vibe. This bracelet looks so elegant with a charming encircled tree of life pendant in the centre of the bracelet. It is a gorgeous and well made multilayered bracelet.

The bracelet is quite broad, which makes it comfortable to wear. It works best to give you a bohemian vibe with exuberant energy.  

One of the best traits of this bracelet is that it goes well with any outfit, whether you decide to wear a dress or a simple jeans-top. If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly strap it on as you move.

If you’re looking for friendship bracelets for teens, this can be a perfect pair of bracelets to rock with your best friend! 

BTYSUN Personalized Bracelets for Teenage Girls

Personalized Bracelets

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Here’s an illuminating silver bracelet for teenage girls that makes a perfect choice for you and other fashion divas. This sophisticated bracelet comprises 316L stainless steel that won’t rust or stain, so you can keep wearing it for years. 

Additionally, it gives the impression of a cuff like a bangle. Although it looks strong, it is very flexible and lightweight with a length of 6.29inches(16cm), a width of 0.24inches(6mm), and a thickness of 2.0mm. 

Its most attractive feature is engraved inspirational quotes for girls that will impact your thoughts for a positive day.

This is a bracelet that every teenage girl or woman should have in their collection. If you feel like giving yourself a simple yet extraordinary look, then this bracelet will be your best companion!

M MOOHAM Initial Heart Shape Initial Bracelets

Initial Bracelets

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Spell out your love for the special ones with a perfect charm bracelet that carries your or others’ initials. That’s right! With 26 letters of English, you can either personalize each choice for a person or spell something with your group of friends. 

Thus, making it a good selection of friendship bracelets for teens. 

This elegant bracelet is stainless steel with flawless silver polish that oozes class in its minimalist design. 

It comes in a heart-shaped pendant and a key, almost as if hinting ‘it’s the key to my heart!’ Thus, making it a compelling choice.

The link chain design settles very well and works for any age. You can wear it with a pair of denim or rock it in a sundress. 

Fesciory Natural Stone Beads Bracelet

Solar System Bracelet

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The choice of your accessories, like a bracelet, speaks a lot about your personality. If you’re fascinated by the mysteries of the universe or if you believe in planets or astrology, then this bracelet is a real catch for you. That’s not all! 

The bracelet consists of eight planet stones and a sunstone with small star beads. Thus, it feels like you’re carrying a galaxy on your wrist. 

What’s more? These stones are real, which means you will attract each planet’s positive energies to boost your day!

It comprises stretchable material with a knot-like design that settles on your hand comfortably. 

You can wear it regularly or swap it with other popular teenage bracelets! Its unisex appeal makes it perfect for anyone, not just the girls! 

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The Solid Gold Hoops : 4 Unique Styles Trending this Season

Solid gold hoops are still in trend. In fact, with so many styles available, this trend has become a universe in its own. Every woman owns at least a pair of solid gold hoops but this year’s designs bring more boldness to the classic hoop earrings. Because we know you love to buy fashion earrings and you also love solid gold hoops, we have put together a list of our favorite designs. Read further to discover which styles of solid gold hoops we expect to see this season and where you can get them.

XL Solid Gold Hoops

XL Solid Gold Hoops

Bolder and more irresistible, large solid gold hoops are a fantastic fashion statement. Don’t be afraid to wear large earrings. This year’s solid gold hoops come in oversized designs that everybody adores. Another great thing about large solid gold hoops is that you can wear them with your hair down as well and they will still be visible. Glam, beautiful and bold, XL solid gold hoops must not miss from your jewelry box.

When wearing these oversized hoop earrings, you can skip on the necklace or simply choose a subtle piece. A thin gold choker or a dainty chain necklace will look gorgeous with your solid gold hoops and complete your outfit. You can bring back the glam of gold in your ring and wear a single gold band. Try a feminine look with a wrap midi dress and suede sandals or go for the classic mom jeans and crop top. The world is your oyster and large solid gold hoops are very easy to style.

Triple Hoop Earrings

Triple Hoop Earrings

A hoop earring within a hoop within another hoop, what do you say about that? Yep, we’ve all seen Inception and we have to say that the triple hoop earring is a fabulous trend. As opposed to large solid gold hoops, triple hoop earrings don’t need to be oversized. In fact, a pair of medium-sized earrings will look amazing and draw attention to your features.

A great choice for contemporary women who love to adopt new trends, triple hoops look great with a layered necklace and stacked thin gold bangles. Complete the layered look with a dress in a neutral color that will act as a canvass for your jewelry.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pearl Hoop Earrings

You love pearls and you love solid gold hoops, so what do you say about having both of them in one earring? The classic pearl studs or cluster earrings are still pretty and elegant, but pearl hoop earrings are the newest craze. Combining the best features of two trends, pearl hoop earrings are simply addictive, which means that you will never want to take them off.

Just like with triple hoops, you don’t have to choose an oversized design. In order for this creation to work, the hoop needs to be small or medium-sized and let the pearl take the stage. Pearl hoop earrings are very elegant so you can wear them with a tailored white blazer, crop trousers, and a dainty gold chain necklace. Add a solitaire pearl ring and you have the recipe for a perfect outfit.

Twisted Solid Gold Hoops

Twisted Solid Gold Hoops

Add a fun twist to your outfit with a pair of twisted solid gold hoops. When it comes to this design, any size works. From mini solid gold hoops to oversized designs, you can basically wear any type of twisted hoop earrings. For a more classic look, choose a large pair of twisted solid gold hoops and accessorize it with a flowery dress and a cashmere blazer.

To add a little bit of edge to your look, choose small or mini twisted solid gold hoops and wear more of them on different parts of your ear. A pair of black leather pants and a graphic tee will look fantastic with this look. To complete the layered impression, stack a couple of bangles and you are ready to rock.

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Timeless Classic Gift :White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Choker


Pearls are a timeless classic, and this simple 18″ strand is the height of quality. The graduated silhouette of this freshwater cultured pearl necklace adds an aristocratic touch of elegance. The 18″ princess length can be doubled and worn as a 9″ bracelet on larger wrists.

The pearl choker is a quintessential statement of luxury that is perfect to wear for a wedding or graduation commencement, to pose for senior or engagement pictures, or to award someone upon achieving a landmark accomplishment or retirement. It is a lovely choice that is always in style, whether you pair it with your favorite jeans and leather bomber jacket or a ballgown or tuxedo. The 18″ length can be doubled and worn as a 9″ bracelet on larger wrists!


  • WEDDING READY – Choose this timeless statement of beauty for your big day. A slender line of lustrous white genuine freshwater cultured pearls encircles your neck, increasing from 4 millimeters at the clasp to 9 millimeters at front center. A classic fishhook clasp crafted of solid 14 karat gold ensures a secure fit. The single-knotted strand is hand-strung on pure silk cord, making this traditional piece beautifully durable. It’s sure to become an heirloom for your daughter or granddaughter.
  • AN ELEGANT EXPRESSION – This gorgeous cultured freshwater pearl jewelry adds a luminous glow to your look. Symbolizing purity and transformation, pearls have been coveted for millennia for their rare beauty and connection to exotic seas. Pearl is the modern and Ayurvedic birthstone for June, the mystical birth month gem of November and symbolizes the Gemini zodiac sign. Make this lovely design from our Amazon collection your signature piece, and you’ll win compliments every time you wear it.
  • THE UTMOST IN QUALITY – At Blue Ocean Pearls, we choose only the most excellent quality cultured pearls that are sustainably harvested by hand. Our hand-picked pearls are truly exceptional AAA+ quality and feature superior luster and uniformity, without the blemishes or uneven color common to cheaper pearls you may find online. Each piece is designed and made right in the heart of New York City, USA by artisans with decades of experience. Wear our lovingly handcrafted jewelry with pride.
  • PERFECTLY GIFTABLE – Pearls are the traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift, making this piece a sentimental present for wives, mothers, and grandmothers. Want to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Need a birthday gift idea for your mom, daughter, sister, granddaughter, or best friend? Packaged in a signature presentation box or pouch, this special piece is ready for giving. Or treat yourself and be dressed to impress for a girl’s night out, date, holiday celebration or any event!

 White Freshwater Cultured Pearl

14K White or Yellow Gold 4mm-9mm Graduated AAAA White Freshwater Cultured Pearl 18″ Silk-Knotted Strand Necklace

Pearls are a timeless classic, and this simple 18″ strand is the height of quality. The graduated silhouette of this freshwater cultured pearl necklace adds an aristocratic touch of elegance. The 18″ princess length can be doubled and worn as a 9″ bracelet on larger wrists. The pearl choker is a quintessential statement of luxury that is perfect to wear for a wedding or graduation commencement, to pose for senior or engagement pictures, or to award someone upon achieving a landmark accomplishment or retirement. It is a lovely choice that is always in style, whether you pair it with your favorite jeans and leather bomber jacket or a ballgown or tuxedo. The 18″ length can be doubled and worn as a 9″ bracelet on larger wrists!

About Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Chinese freshwater cultured pearls are cultivated in a river mussel called the tetragon shell mussel (hyriopsis cumingii) and its hybrids. They range in size from 2-14mm and occur naturally in a variety of hues including white, ivory, pink, blush, peach and lavender purple, and can be enhanced to a silver and black color. Freshwater pearls are known for their wide variety of shapes including round, drop, button, baroque, and various free-form shapes.


Caring For Your Pearls

Taking good care of pearls is important! Our skin’s oil and perspiration can dull pearls over time. Additionally, things like cosmetics, sunblock, perfume and hairspray contain chemicals that can dramatically damage the luster of pearls.

A few simple steps can ensure your pearls’ natural luster lasts a lifetime!

A rule to remember: pearls should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.

  • Wait at least 30 minutes after applying any personal care products before putting on your pearl jewelry.
  • After taking off your pearl jewelry, wipe the pearls with a soft cloth dampened with water. This will ensure they remain free of harmful build-up of compounds that may damage the nacre of your pearls.

Always keep your pearls separated other jewelry items, to prevent scratching. Pearls are best kept in a soft-cloth pouch or a soft-lined jewelry box. Never store your pearl jewelry in an airtight environment such a plastic bag, as this will lead to brittleness and dullness.


The Pearl Experts

No one knows more about cultured pearls than Blue Ocean Pearls!

We pride ourselves on our expertise and deep experience. We have close relationships with pearl growers around the world that we’ve cultivated for over four decades. We choose our sources with integrity. Our suppliers good care of their workers and focus on sustainable farming that honors the ocean and river environments that are key to beautiful pearls.

We have built our team from the very best in the field – from our buyers who select the finest raw materials, to our stringers who knot each pearl by hand. Each and every piece we make is created with the utmost skill and care, just for you.

We know you will be absolutely delighted with each piece you purchase from us, each and every time you wear it.

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Magic Stars: Jewellery with shining stars – THOMAS SABO

Reach for the THOMAS SABO stars and let yourself be enchanted by the key piece of the cosmos.inspired jewellery collection: the Night Butterfly. Decorated with celestial motifs, this sophisticated creation is the brightest element in the starry night sky and fascinates with its glamorous magnetism.
So close to heaven
The richly detailed jewellery is reminiscent of a sparkling galaxy and exudes a magical effect – so you can add stylish highlights to any of your outfits.
Pendant butterfly star
Endlessly dreamy: The design of this highly detailed butterfly pendant is made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and inspired by the magical starry sky. Its wings are crafted by hand with moon- and star-shaped cut-outs. About 30 glass-ceramic stones, synthetic spinel and zirconia stones in different colours mirror the nightly firmament. In addition, thanks the prong settings, the inserted deep blue inlay of imitation sandstone sparkles bright. Style it just the way you like: The pendant is suitable for short as well as longer necklaces and a perfect companion for daily looks as well as for special occasions.
Brilliant jewellery
Sparkling stones and nifty designs reflect the distinctive beauty of different celestial elements and symbolise the positive transformation of life.
Magic Stars
Sparkling jewellery set
jewellery set
For some, stars stand for infinity and magic, for others for security and cohesion, for still others for confidence and happiness: discover our highlights, such as this sparkling jewellery set – like a brightly shining star.
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A Buyer’s Guide to THOMAS SABO

Trusted for their style-savvy designs and high-quality accessories, THOMAS SABO  has always been a go-to jewellery brand. Whether buying for yourself or someone else, their simplistic silverware to their playful gold collection means there is something to everyone’s taste. Wanting to know a little bit more about the must-have brand, here is everything you need to know… 


Set up by THOMAS SABO, the Austrian with a vision for jewellery, he originally started out as a precision mechanic. Then turning his focus to the silver he went to Asia to sell jewellery he acquired in Germany.

Launching THOMAS SABO in 1984, he revolutionised the market with innovative jewellery pieces. Creating jewellery and watches that are trend-led accessories you can wear every day, they are popular for their high-quality pieces that don’t break the bank. 

The THOMAS SABO Collections 

THOMAS SABO produces collections for men and women and has their iconic charm club. With a focus on detail, they encourage you to mix and match, building your accessory game to your style. With ultra-feminine collections with intricate pieces to more minimalist, timeless styles they have everyone covered.

 Their brand ethos is: 

– to constantly inspire our customers with innovative and trend-setting creations

– to spread our unique love for style

– to define the industry standard with materials of the highest quality

 All THOMAS SABO silver pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver and gold pieces are plated using 18 carat yellow or rose gold.

Bracelet heart with infinity silver

Bracelet heart

Meaningful piece of jewellery: This engravable bracelet fascinate with a delicate heart and a fine infinity symbol which are encrusted by hand with white zirconia stones. Special highlight is the engraving bridge, which you can personalise with sings, letters or a date. An expressive gift by heart for special occasions like a wedding, an anniversary or the birth of a child. The engravable bracelet is made from high-quality 925 Sterling silver and polished by hand. Due to the adjustment chain, you can change its length from 16 to 19 cm.

Necklace lock with key gold

Necklace lock

Key to happiness: This necklace comes along with lock and key pendants. Thereby it is a piece of jewellery with a striking significance – perfect as a special gift for birthdays, anniversaries or for similar occasions! The accessory is made from 925 Sterling silver with yellow gold plating, the delicate necklace for women has an individually adjustable length up to 40, 42,5 and 45 cm. Both, the lock and the key are embellished with a white zirconia stone.
Worn alone, the jewellery suits everyday-looks perfectly. Unique combinations for Mix & Match-style are possible by integrating more necklaces.

Ring infinity with white stones rose gold


A piece of jewellery to dream about! Show self-love or a loved one endless affection by selecting our infinity ring! Elaborately handcrafted from high-quality rosé gold plated 925 Sterling silver, the ring for women impresses with a fine appearance and its many sparkling white zirconia stones set in pavé. Combined with some other rings from the Charming Collection, cool Ring Stacking-Styles are created. Also as individual piece on the finger, this ring sparkles wonderfully and thereby, attracts all eyes. Get this rosé golden ring right away and be inspired by its romantic spirit.

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A mythical world full of opulent fantasy – THOMAS SABO Phoenix pendant

A mythical world full of opulent fantasy  celebrate the reinvention of the self with THOMAS SABO with artistically designed jewellery.

Richly detailed collection

In a palette that reflects the colours of the sky, encompassing blue, pink and violet, the designs invite you to rediscover yourself and redefine your strengths.

Grace and elegance

Artistically designed, the symbol of the phoenix appears both as an impressive pendant in a 3D look and as stylised wings on chokers, bracelets, stud earrings and extraordinary rings.

Hand-crafted works of art

The jewellery pieces are set by hand in an intricate finish with a variety of facet-cut stones. The beating wings of the phoenix are designed on two planes and, together with the body of the phoenix pendant, feature over 130 decorative stones that sparkle in an elegant pear or diamond cut.

Rising Phoenix pendant

The highlight of the collection is the three-dimensional phoenix pendant that is over seven centimetres long and comes in either slightly blackened 925 sterling silver with decorative stones in white and blue tones or with high-quality 18-carat rose gold plating with stones in white and pink tones featuring an opal look.



Pendant phoenix with blue stones silver
• Necklace pendant for women in the shape of a phoenix made of slightly blackened 925 Sterling silver
• Three-dimensional design intricately handcrafted with 132 zirconia stones and gemstones in white and shades of blue such as freshwater pearl and delicate engravings
• Impressive pendant with a size of over 7 cm

Mythic symbolism: The large necklace pendant in the three-dimensional design of a phoenix is elaborately fashioned of slightly blackened 925 Sterling silver. The wings, the body and the tail feathers are elaborately modelled in more than 6 hours of craftsmanship and are decorated with 132 zirconia stones and gemstones in white and shades of blue. Special highlights are the three swinging, aquamarine-blue stones, which are faceted in an elegant, drop-shaped diamond cut and adorn the long, curved tail feathers. The eyes of the mythical bird sparkle within the set of black zirconia stones, which are framed by Sterling silver eyebrows. In its claws, which are engraved with delicate lines, the phoenix holds a small, shimmering freshwater pearl. The wing feathers are arranged on two levels and the eyelet of the pendant is engraved with a THOMAS SABO inscription on the back.
The artistic piece of jewellery impresses with a size of over 7 cm and can be combined with necklaces from the THOMAS SABO portfolio. Shaped like a mythical phoenix which is rising into the air and symbolizing new beginnings, the necklace pendant is an ideal gift for special occasions.

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5 Elegant Solid Gold Earrings for Older Ladies on Amazon

Searching for gold earrings for older ladies? Gold has a ton of amazing qualities, but for as long as it’s existed, it’s never gone out of style. The timeless nature of it ensures that it’ll be around for as long as the world exists.

A toddler can wear fancy gold earrings just as easy as her grandmother would. The differences come in when we start looking at the design.

A younger individual would wish to wear a fancy or eclectic design while someone older would opt for something more classic.

If you’re looking to purchase earrings for yourself or someone you love, then check out 13 of our top picks. They are bound to impress older ladies, thanks to design choices and diamonds.

1.Dazzlingrock Collection rose gold diamond drop earrings

drop earrings

We begin this list of gold earrings with these stunning drop earrings.

The earrings feature conflict-free diamonds down the arch with a gemstone at the very bottom.

The gem on the drop part of the earrings vary. They include peridot, garnet, amethyst, and blue topaz.

2.Dazzlinrock Collection gemstone huggies earrings

 huggies earrings

Equally from Dazzlingrock, we have these small hoop earrings with a three-stone setting. It is made from both gold and sterling silver.

There is quite a selection of huggies that you can get from the brand, so take time to scroll through the karats and the accompanying stones.

3.Dazzlingrock Collection diamond huggies earrings

diamond huggies earrings

As you’ve guessed by now, the brand Dazzlingrock Collection has an impressive array of earrings.

They focus on making timeless designs that ensure that decades on, you’re still able to wear the same thing.

4.LooptyHoops 14k white gold hoop earrings

Hoop Earrings

Older ladies tend to pull off hoop earrings quite well. This next one is on the plain side for those looking for everyday wear.

They vary in size, but the 11mm works best for the demographic in question. The earrings are made of 14k gold with a diamond cut.

5.Dazzlingrock Collection 14k diamond halo-drop earing

halo-drop earing

If you’re looking for earrings that will leave no doubt about the cost, then you can consider getting this particular pair.

It is a stunning pair made from 14k rose gold and 0.35-carat diamonds in a prong setting.

The stones sparkle true to their nature, making these a statement jewelry you’d love to have in your collection.

Women's Jewelry

There’s No Doubt About It—These Jewellery Gifts Will Never Fail to Impress

If you look inside your jewellery box, it will without a doubt be filled with pieces tied to memories, whether that’s a grandparent’s ring handed down through generations, a necklace your loved one bought you for your birthday, or even just jewellery you wear each and every day. The jewels you choose to complete your outfits become part of your signature look, and for this reason, they’re always going to be special. And when it comes to pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime, Thomas Sabo never fails. Each design is made from 925 sterling silver, and the attention to detail on each hand-finished piece is what makes them a cut above the rest.

thomas sabo

Whether your loved ones prefer a minimalistic design or a statement-making addition to their jewellery edit, each collection by Thomas Sabo has symbolic meaning. 

Ring star gold

Ring star gold

This yellow gold plated ring for women seems simple but fascinates with delicate highlights. The elaborately handmade ring impresses with its sleek elegance and high attention to detail. In the centre of the ring, fine engraving lines in star shape encircle a sparkling white zirconia stone. As a classy single piece on the finger or together with other rings in a cool Ring Stacking-Look, this golden ring always attracts all eyes. Remember, it’s always ring season!

Ring eternity pavé

Ring eternity pavé

The midi ring with dazzling zirconia transforms the fingers into a statement of individuality – placed over the finger joints in a sophisticated manner, this delicate ring crafted from 925 Sterling silver creates a particularly youthful, extraordinary look.

Necklace golden cuboid

Necklace golden cuboid

Necklace with simple, solid pendant with shiny 18k yellow gold plating and rectangular outline. The graphic, modern design can be engraved on all four sides with a personal message.

Bracelet classic

Bracelet classic

Give somebody close to you a personal symbol of love – the THOMAS SABO Love Bridge bracelet symbolises the unique bond between two hearts. With a free-of-charge engraving, this filigree bridge crafted with 18k yellow gold plating offers you the possibility to express your very own feelings and to capture your personal moments of happiness for all eternity. The inside of the bridge is already engraved with THOMAS SABO and cannot be engraved furthermore.

Ring white stones gold

Ring white stones gold

Dancing Stones: Seven white gemstones in brilliant baguette cut are the highlight of this ring. Combine with other rings to create an en-vogue stacking look.

Earrings pearl star gold

Earrings pearl star gold

Sophisticated golden pearl stud earrings for women with interesting star detailing: Just like the polar star, the white zirconia shines at the centre of the star-design of this piece of jewellery. It is framed by additional zirconia in prong setting. The shimmering freshwater pearl is clinging to the detailed star setting softly. 

Necklace heart silver

Necklace heart silver

Close to the heart: the feminine engravable double chain with its heart pendant conveys delicate love through the playfulness of this item of jewellery in a sophisticated manner and embellished with the THOMAS SABO emblem on the back.

Women's Jewelry

Explore Thomassabo’s Wide Range of Women’s rings

Thomas Sabo

Shop gifts for the most discerning woman in your life. From your mother to your sister to the tech lover in your life, or, do we dare say, perhaps yourself? As Oscar Wilde once said, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Whether you are looking for an elegant piece or an extraordinary creation – in our thomassabo, high-quality women’s rings will capture everyone’s attention.

Explore thomassabo’s wide range of elegant women’s rings to adorn your fingers with high-quality pieces.

Thomas Sabo Ring dots with white stones gold


Ring dots with white stones gold
• Cool ring made of yellow gold plated 925 Sterling silver
• Designed in modern x-form with white zirconia
• Perfectly suitable for “Ring Stacking”

You love special pieces of jewellery? This ring is just the thing then. Elaborately handcrafted in X-form from high-quality yellow gold plated 925 Sterling silver and decorated with many sparkling white zirconia stones in pavé setting, the ring for women is a real eye-catcher. For cool Ring Stacking-Looks, simply combine this golden ring with other rings from the Charming Collection in different styles and sizes. There are no limits to your fantasy. Get this special ring and start combining right away.

cool ring
Ring dots with white stones silver
• Cool ring made of 925 Sterling silver
• Designed in modern x-form with white zirconia
• Perfectly suitable for “Ring Stacking”

You love special pieces of jewellery? This ring is just the thing then. Elaborately handcrafted in X-form from high-quality 925 Sterling silver and decorated with many sparkling white zirconia stones in pavé setting, the ring for women is a real eye-catcher. For cool Ring Stacking-Looks, simply combine this silver ring with other rings from the Charming Collection in different styles and sizes. There are no limits to your fantasy. Get this special ring and start combining right away.

Women's Jewelry

Feel nature’s energy——Thomas Sabo Tree of Love

Bracelet Tree of Love with white stones gold 

Feel nature’s energy: This bracelet impresses with its delicately crafted tree of love motif in its centre. It is inspired by nature and designed with cut-outs. The motif is decorated with three sparkling white zirconia stones. 

Bracelet Tree of Love 

Artistic Tree of Love jewellery by THOMAS SABO

Inspired by elements of nature, our Tree of Love jewellery exudes a powerful symbolism. This is reflected in its creative and imaginative detailing and the precision of its hand-crafted artistry. THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery is hand-worked in exquisite 925 Sterling silver.
The intricate Tree of Love products are hand-crafted with an artful filigree cut-out effect. Many of the life-affirming Tree of Love creations come with aprecious 18k rosé gold or yellow gold-plated finish. The Tree of Love jewellery collection includes a wealth of interpretations of the Tree of Love as pendant necklaces, rings, bracelets or chains.

Tree of Love jewellery: the meaning of the Tree of Life

Our Tree of Love jewellery is inspired by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has deep symbolic significance in the mythology of many people of the world. With its deep roots and high tops, the Tree of Life stands in the centre of the world, its axis, stretching its branches upwards and connecting heaven, earth and the underworld. THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery thus symbolically keeps the cosmic order in balance, bringing your soul back into equilibrium. The Tree of Love also symbolises:

  • The power of love
  • Peace and balance
  • Inner strength
  • Hope
  • Equilibrium
  • Wisdom
  • Growth
  • Support

THOMAS SABO’s bond with nature is reflected in our designs as well as in their sustainable workmanship. We take our responsibility very seriously and are committed to lasting improvements in our production that will benefit both people and the environment.

Awaken relationships with those you love with THOMAS SABO Tree of Love jewellery

The Tree of Love is a perfect gift to yourself as a lucky charm or talisman. It is a symbol of hope, representing a happy future. But equally you can bring happiness to other people’s lives with this meaningful symbol. Embodying eternal love, it underlines the bond of every partnership.
Symbolising the natural cycle of life, Tree of Love jewellery is a perfect gift for a new mum. Like the climbing branches of the tree, a baby will grow and thrive, bringing happiness and life.

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